Generic, Keyword, & Aged Domains Priced To Sell

The Domain Name Reserve offers quality domains & websites for purchase at prices below market value. Our goal is to match buyers with sellers and provide an active domain name marketplace. Owners are encouraged to not set unrealistic prices on their listed domains and websites. Buyers are also discouraged from making low ball offers. Ideally little to no negotiation will be required when domain names are already priced to sell.

Why Investing in Internet Real Estate Makes Sense

Domain names have been among the best performing asset classes over the past 2 decades.  The value of quality domain names has increased tremendously since their onset about 20 years ago.  There have been some ups and downs but nothing like that experienced in the stock market or real estate market during the same period.

The law of supply and demand is on the side of the domain investor.  Every site on the web needs a unique address.  The number of websites continues to explode year after year while the amount quality domain names remains constant.  There is a finite number of generic terms that can be used and all have long since been registered.  This places a growing demand on generic domain names as website owners compete for them in the after-markets like the Domain Name Reserve.

Savvy domain investors seeking to unlock the full potential of a great domain name often develop a revenue generating website using the name. Using a descriptive and easy to remember domain name helps visitors quickly understand the product or service a business offers and facilitates return visits to the website. Many of the DNR’s listing are developed websites so if you find a domain that seems overpriced most likely the seller has adjusted the price to compensate for the income that will be sacrificed the domain changes hands.

The Importance of Aged Domain Names

Why are old domain names important? Quite simply, it is easier to rank well in search engines with an aged domain than with a newly registered domain. This study by provides proof of how difficult it is to get your website into the top page of a major search engine like Google if your domain is not at least 3 years old.

The Power of Exact Match Domains (EMDs)

There is a reason why Amazon paid $545 million dollars for  They knew over the long run the amount of type in traffic and implied trust of such a premium exact match domain would provide a very lucrative return on their one time investment.  With an EMD, you don’t have to budget for costly marketing, SEO, and advertising campaigns.  People will naturally find your website by simply typing it into their browser’s navigation bar.  Studies have shown confirmed that Search fatigue has set in among the web population.  Rather than always starting with a search engine that will hopefully guide you to relevant sites in your search scope, its quicker to just type in the keyword + a dot (keyword.).  Many browsers will now auto-fill the remainder with the most significant  .com, .net, or .org website.

Those who invest in exact match domains will reap the continuous rewards of direct navigation traffic which converts to sales at nearly double the rate of similar organic search engine result clicks and four times the rate of clicks from paid advertisement links on other websites.  Another powerful benefit of investing in an exact match domain is that you can immediately establish a trust factor with visitors.  Those who start with a non-keyword domain face an uphill battle to educate their viewership of exactly what service or products they provide.  You can read more about the value of exact match domains and their other benefits as recognized by industry leaders in this excellent post by Domain Sherpa.

List Your Domains in The Domain Name Reserve

You are welcome to list your quality domain names for free.  Use the contact form and paste in your domain name(s), category, price, and year of first registration.  All we ask for in return is a text link back to the Domain Name Reserve from one of your websites.

Remember the focus is on quality domains so please don’t send your entire portfolio but rather your best domain names.  Here are some guidelines to help determine what domains will be accepted:

  • .com, .net, .org TLDs or brandable names with other TLDs
  • Generic 1, 2, or 3 word keyword phrases
  • Short, brandable, & pronouncable
  • Aged domains (8+ years old)
  • Appraised for $1000+ using Estibot auto appraisal tool
  • Not a Trademark or typo of
  • All popular TLD’s also registered for same name

Another option if you have a large amount of domain names you wish to list or if your domains don’t meet the quality standards for a homepage listing is to buy your own hosted subpage.  For a small fee your can list your entire portfolio in the private portfolios page or your own separate page.  Please inquire about current listing rates.